Gym Rubber Floor Mat Wholesale

Gym Rubber Floor Mat Wholesale

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        Quality Safety: We own professional quality management and process inspecion team.
        Unique Design Concept: Provide the most excellent products,the most favorable price.
        Service Team: We have a professional customer service team to answer your doubts at any time.
        Supply Support: We ensures the product with good quality,sufficient quantity and diversification.

  • Name: Gym Rubber Floor Mat Wholesale
  • Size: 500 * 500 mm; 550 * 550 mm; 1000 * 1000 mm
  • Thickness: 8mm/10mm/15mm/20mm
  • Certificate: ISO9001, EN1177 etc
  • OEM: Support OEM
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            Rubber floor mats are different from ordinary rubber floor mats on the market. The product has low odor and good sound insulation effect. It has good elasticity and strong wear resistance. The bottom has a hidden button design, which is easy to splicing and glue-free. The product is light and easy to handle, saving freight, A must-have for indoor gyms.

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    Product parameter
    Safe Rubber Flooring Bricks for Gym
    EPDM, FKM, Silicon, Viton, NBR, HNBR, SIL, Reclaimed Rubber, ETC .
    From -20°C To 80°C
    From +/-0.01 mm To +/-3.05 mm
    From 25 shore A To 90 shore A
    ISO9001, EN1177 etc
    500 * 500 mm; 550 * 550 mm; 1000 * 1000 mm
    Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Grey, Any color on your demand
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    Product Introduction.

            Rubber floor tile adopts a brand-new production process, which is made of EPDM rubber roll material (surface layer) and EPDM rubber particles or environmentally friendly rubber particles (bottom layer) by high temperature pressing. The surface layer is high-density and very stable and durable; the bottom layer is environmentally friendly black rubber particles, so that the floor mat can absorb various impacts, thereby protecting the safety of users. It is mainly used in the gravity area and heavy equipment area of the gym to protect the equipment and the ground, as well as function and beauty.
            Characteristics of our products: all use environmentally friendly materials, no irritating smell of choking nose.

    Product Details

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    Product characteristics.

            Perfect shock absorption performance, reduce the damage caused by falling from a height, long-lasting durability, easy to clean, and the service life is three times that of ordinary floor mats. A variety of colors and thickness options, suitable for laying on the ground indoor and outdoor, non-slip, shock absorption, wear resistance, anti-static, silencing, sound insulation, moisture insulation, cold insulation, heat insulation, non-reflective, water-resistant, fire-resistant, non-toxic, non-slip Strong radiation, weather resistance, anti-aging, long life, easy to clean, easy to construct, etc.

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    Product Details

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    Scope of products.

            Sports venues, gymnasiums, children's playgrounds, schools, senior activity centers, fitness centers, parks, stations, piers, airports, underground passages, sidewalks, overpasses, homes and other public places and municipal facilities.

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